Quality Gutters Protect Your Foundation

The main purpose of a gutter system is to channel your roof water away from your home. Unfortunately, most run-of-the-mill gutter systems can easily clog with leaves and other debris and fail to properly collect the roof water. When this happens, water can sheet over your gutters and pour directly into the ground and saturate it with water and cause major problems for your home’s foundation.

Foundation Damage Caused by Roof Water

As the ground becomes saturated with roof water, the soils in the ground expand and can put an immense amount of pressure on your foundation walls. This is known as hydrostatic pressure and can put as much as a few thousand pounds of pressure against your foundation walls. As the pressure increases, it can result in large cracks and bowing or buckling basement walls. This can leave your home susceptible to interior water damage as well as structural damage. To avoid the risk of this damage, it’s important to have a quality gutter system on your home to properly channel the roof water away from your foundation.

A Complete Quality Gutter System

At AquaGuard, we offer the revolutionary gutter system to our customers for top-of-the-line gutters that will protect your home’s foundation. Unlike typical gutter systems, the gutter is specifically designed to collect all roof water while repelling debris to avoid clogging.

Benefits of the AquaGuard Gutter include:

  • Completely covered to repel debris
  • No need for constant gutter cleaning
  • Water-tight seal from the roofline to gutters
  • Attractive colors and design to blend with your home and add curb appeal

Along with a gutter system, we also offer gutter downspout extensions to ensure the roof water is directed out into your yard and far away from your home. Installing both the gutter system and a gutter downspout extension will ensure your foundation is protected from the threat of roof water damage. 

Leave it to the experts at AquaGuard to protect your home’s foundation with a quality gutter system. Call today to schedule your free inspection!

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