The AquaFlow Difference

AquaFlow gutter topper is a high-density, UV Stabilized polypropylene product, designed to be efficient, durable, long-lasting and as maintenance-free as possible.

As the most versatile gutter topper or guard on the market, AquaFlow fits onto every roof style, and can also be modified if required. The AquaFlow is a perforated, self-flushing cover that aims to provide maintenance-free, gutter protection, keeping out debris but allowing rainwater in.

AquaGuard AquaFlow

Is my home a candidate for AquaFlow?

The perfect house for an AquaFlow gutter topper installation is one where the customer already has aluminum gutters installed that are also in good condition. These existing gutters may need cleaning, or perhaps re-pitching, which we also do for our customers, as well as install our AquaFlow gutter topper in combination with our wide-mouth outlets.

If you have galvanized-coated gutters or gutters that are in bad shape, then it’s time for gutter replacement, and that is when GutterShutter becomes applicable. Galvanized is a coating that is put on steel and tends to rust with time.

AquaFlow’s wide-mouth outlets

Fixing onto the elbow where gutter trough meets downspout, our wide-mouth outlets are 50% larger than other outlets on the market. The widest possible opening means that debris will not snag as it flows smoothly through its transition from trough to downspout.

AquaFlow’s wide mouth outlet eliminates any possible snags in the entire gutter system because it does not require the zip screws and excessive caulking of the traditional, smaller-sized outlets.

No need for new downspouts, AquaGuard can modify your existing downspouts and fit the wide-mouth outlet on your existing downspouts. Downspouts must be in good condition, made of 3x4 aluminum and we are able to match the existing color with our wide mouth outlets.

AquaFlow proves itself in strenght and resulting durability. Our Strenght Test says it all!


Installation of AquaFlow

The way AquaFlow is installed is unique in that each section is slid up under the first row of shingles. We do NOT tack or nail the gutter topper to your roof decking. AquaFlow is permanently secured to the front-lip of the gutter, without harming your roof – a fact we are acutely aware as this would potentially result in the homeowners’ roof warranty being voided.

Your roof warranty will be voided if the gutter guard requires screws or nails to be driven straight through one, multiple or all layers of the roof, and without sealant. Believe it or not, some homeowners still allow this to happen to their homes roofs. Even worse, some gutter guard companies know this and are okay installing gutters this way! Now you know, don’t be caught short!

If nails are used to tack the gutter guard to the roof, that nail creates the perfect place where water can condensate and run down  intruding into your attic. AquaGuard is an expert in waterproofing crawlspaces and basements, we do not waterproof attics! Hence, we keep water out of your roof!

From an aesthetic point of view, AquaFlow has a low-profile and is not visible from the street. The AquaFlow topper comes in short, 3-feet sections. Other products come in long-run sections. If a tree limb falls and damages that section, the entire length must be replaced. If there were a piece of debris that was able to damage AquaFlow, AquaGuard will simply replace that short section, saving you time and money! 

How long does installation take?

Generally, the installation process takes half a day. Our professional team of installers will first remove the previous gutter-guards, clean out the debris and wash the existing gutter troughs as best as possible. Next, we make sure to re-secure the existing gutter troughs where necessary, connect our wide-mouth outlets at the top of each existing downspout, re-pitch any extra troughs that might be required and install any new downspouts that might be needed. Finally, the sections of AquaFlow gutter toppers are slid under the shingles and drilled into place on the troughs.

What is AquaFlow made of?

Polypropylene is a type of plastic BUT is far superior to vinyl and metal for several reasons. Propylene is created to be outside in rough and tough elements, its chemical makeup is such that is does NOT absorb water, so it will not mold or deteriorate due to bacteria. Known for its resistance to fatigue, polypropylene can take a significant amount of abuse and damage before it breaks. With added UV stabilizers, it stays strong in extreme sun – in fact, it’s melting point is a dramatically high 320° Fahrenheit!

AquaFlow Advantages

Extremely durable, not easily damaged by falling tree branches and pinecones. The material is UV Resistant so will not get brittle and crack with time. The self-flushing design – the ribs or slats are in parallel with the water flow, allowing for maximum rainwater to flow into the gutter much more efficiently than any other designed cover.

I have a multiple trees in my yard, won't the seed just go through the openings and cause gutter clogging?

The AquaFlow system naturally allows debris to shed over the side and freefall to the ground, seeds included. If the seed part is too round and chunky to fit between the slats, and if the wing of the seed gets caught between the slats, it will work itself either out or in. You will NOT be getting handfuls of seeds in your gutter system. However, because small particles of debris will slide through the slats, we recommend making sure the wide-mouth outlets are fitted onto the downspouts to ensure a snag-free gutter system. Our AquaFlow gutter topper system is perfect for homes that are close to trees like various pine tree species, oak trees, sweet gums and poplar trees.

Will roof grit get into my gutters using AquaFlow toppers?

Yes, roof grit will get into your gutters, and it’s OK for this to happen. Many micro-mesh screen companies get it wrong and say this causes problems. Roof grit and granules do NOT clog gutters because the material is simply too small and washes through the gutter system easily. 

Micro-mesh screens try and keep everything out of the gutter trough, and in doing so, the small debris, like roof grit and granules, builds-up on top of the screen forming a solid layer, and ultimately keeping everything out….including WATER!   

Micro-mesh screens are also prone to mold and mildew growing over the screen layer, further inhibiting water from entering the gutter trough. AquaFlow gets it right by letting the smaller, non-clogging debris flush into the gutter system along with all the rainwater. By keeping out the larger clog-forming debris, and keeping that debris falling forward over the lips edge down to the ground, it does not build-up on top of the AquaFlow topper and stop water from entering the gutter system. 

Advantages of GutterShutter

A heads up for homeowners, if your existing gutter troughs are fixed to your home using aluminum gutter spikes and ferrules, be aware that they can and do bend easily and work loose over time. This means you are having to do frequent readjustments, which really adds-up to driving the spike deeper and deeper. Spikes and ferrules are not a long-term solution and one of the main reasons for sagging gutters. The spike and ferrules are a traditional gutter hanging method that has been around for years and is and old way to support the gutter.

AquaGuards GutterShutter features the strongest bracket on the market to ensure the gutters do not pull away from the house. We back this up with a 20-year, life of product warranty.

If you are looking for a guarantee that the gutters will NOT pull away from the home, then best to go with a full replacement GutterShutter System.