What are Downspout Extensions?

When gutters capture water, this water flows into the downspouts that divert it away from the home. However, some downspouts don’t displace this water far enough away from the home’s foundation. In this case, water can oversaturate the soil surrounding the foundation, eventually causing water to leak into the basement or crawl space through cracks and joints. 

In instances where existing downspouts or splash blocks don’t successfully direct water away from the foundation, you can install gutter extensions. Gutter extensions attach to the downspout and help direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. 

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water diversion with gutter downspout extension
EZChute gutter downspout extension

What Is the Best Downspout Extension?

The best downspout extension for your property will depend on your particular needs. Aesthetic and how much rain you get are examples of factors you will want to consider when choosing a downspout extension. 

Types of Gutter Extensions

At AquaGuard, we offer two types of gutter extensions.

  1. Underground downspout extension: We can connect your downspouts to a discharge line that runs underground until the water can be naturally sloped away from the home and exit through a simple Pop-Up escape. This is a great option for homeowners who want more control over where their roof water drains or who need a longer downspout extension option. These can divert water anywhere from 10 to 50 feet away from the home depending on your land’s slope. 
  2. RainChute EZ™ downspout extension: The RainChute EZ™ takes the channeled water about four feet away from your foundation and is great for home where slope is not a concern. 

How Do I Know if I Need Gutter Extensions?

Here are a few reasons why you may need to install gutter extensions: 

Your yard is not graded in a way that naturally directs water away from your home.

When your downspouts pour water directly on the ground below, you’re trusting the grade of your yard to naturally direct water away from the home. However, if the contractor did not correctly grade your yard to slope downwards and away from your foundation, water can stay stagnant or flow back towards your home. Eventually, this can lead to basement leaks and foundation damage. 

You live in an area that gets frequent heavy rain.

In the Atlanta area, we frequently receive large amounts of rain in a short period of time. As you would expect, this causes a large amount of water to exit downspouts and can be too much for a mere splash block to manage. A gutter extension might be the extra measure you need to ensure roof water is successfully channeled away from your home.

The water from your downspout is damaging your landscaping.

The water exiting your downspout can cause soil erosion and can harm flower beds and landscaping that surrounds your home. Installing downspout extensions can help you direct water away from these areas. 

You want better control over your home’s water management.

You may not be dealing with any of the issues mentioned above, but want to have greater control over the water management system on your property. Gutter extensions help you control exactly where roof water drains into your yard.

gutter extension pop-up drain

Call AquaGuard for Gutter Extensions in the Atlanta Area

Think you may need gutter extensions? Call AquaGuard today—we’ll provide a free inspection of your water management system and help you determine the best options for protecting your home from water damage. 

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Gutter Extensions FAQ

How far from the house should gutters drain?

How far away from the house your gutters should drain depends on the slope of your land. 

If your yard is graded properly, approximately 6 inches downward over 10 feet, then your gutter extensions will not need to be as long. If your yard is improperly sloped, or if your house is situated at the bottom of an incline, then your gutter extensions will need to be considerably longer. 

Ideally, your gutters would drain to where the slope of the land would allow water to flow away from the house naturally. 

How much do gutter extensions cost?

The cost of your gutter extensions will depend on what type of system you choose, how long the extension is, and the exit option. Call AquaGuard today to receive an estimate based on your specific needs.