Still have questions about AquaGuard Gutter Solutions? That's okay! Check out some of our frequently asked questions, then call or contact us today to schedule your FREE inspection!

How does your gutter system work?

Our gutter protection system works by allowing water in, while keeping debris, like leaves and pine straw, out. We offer the largest gutter protection system on the market today. Our rep will show you the benefits of our system during your appointment.

Will your gutter work in a heavy rain?

Yes it will. Our system has been test to handle 20+ inches of rain per hour. Because of our patented design and our AquaFlow accessories, our system works in the heaviest of rains. Our rep will show you a water demo during your appointment.

I have a very steep roof! Will your gutter work on a steep roof?

Actually, the steeper the better! A steeper roof moves water faster down the roof into our gutter, due to surface tension. A flatter roof catches water and has a difficult time getting rid of it. This will become more clear during our water demo.

Will your gutter interfere with my roof shingles?

No! Our system attaches directly to your fascia board and does not go under your roof shingles.

What if I need a new roof down the road?

No problem! Your roofing contractor can actually remove the old roof and install your new roof over your new gutter system. Our system is NOT installed under your roof shingles. We offer assistance to your roofing contractor, if needed.

Is your gutter a one-piece system?

No, it’s not a one-piece system. Let us explain. One of the issues with gutters is strength. It’s almost impossible to properly support the bottom of a one-piece gutter. We have the strongest installation brackets on the market. In addition, if a limb ever falls on and damages a one-piece gutter, for example, you have to replace the entire section even if it’s 100 feet long (like replacing Christmas lights on a series strand). With our gutter system, you only replace the damaged area. Our rep will explain during his demonstration.

How long as AquaGuard been in the gutter business?

We have been in business for more than 24 years, permanently resolving water management issues. After many requests from our existing customers, we now offer the very best, no-clog gutter system on the market.

What kind of experience does AquaGuard have in the gutter business?

Before we decided to offer gutters as one of our core services, our senior management team researched and chose the very best gutter system available. We also hired the most experienced and knowledgeable personnel to operate our business, with over 60 years collectively in the gutter industry.

Do you use sub-contractors to install your gutters?

No! We employ, train and utilize full-time, W-2 employees, not subcontractors.

What warrantees do you offer?

We offer the best warrantees in the business: i. Lifetime No-Clog ii. Lifetime Materials iii. 20-Year Paint iv. Our gutters will never sag or pull away from the house

How many colors does the gutter come in?

We carry the most popular colors and can match almost all trim colors. Your rep will be equipped with a color chart, which he will provide during your appointment.

How long does a typical gutter evaluation take?

We provide a complete evaluation of your home to determine exactly what your home’s specific gutter needs are. We’ll provide photos, drawings, and recommendations on your specific water management needs so that you know exactly what your home’s issue is, exactly what’s causing that issue, and exactly how much it will cost to resolve it. In-home evaluations typically take between 60-90 minutes.