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Preparing to place your home on the market? Looking to upgrade your existing gutter system to provide your home extra protection against the elements? AquaGuard Gutter Solutions of Greater Marietta provides free gutter inspections for homeowners in Northern Georgia!

A travel fee may apply in certain situations: if your home is outside our 75 mile radius of Marietta, GA; if the home is less than one year old; or for some real estate transactions. All fees are credited towards any work completed.

Our Gutter Inspection Process

Without a high-quality, functioning gutter system, your basement and foundation are at risk of incurring extensive water damage. At AquaGuard Gutter Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners find complete peace of mind knowing their home is protected from the elements. 

As a part of your complimentary gutter inspection, we will look at the following aspects of your gutter system: 

  • Are the gutters the ideal size for preventing runoff? 
  • Are gutters free of cracks, rust, and gaps between sections? 
  • Are the gutters securely attached and not pulling away from roof fascia? 
  • Do downspouts divert water far enough away from the home?  

Our gutter inspection process not only involves assessing your home’s existing gutters, downspouts, and extensions, but we’ll also survey your home for potential water damage caused by a failing gutter system.

After everything has been thoroughly inspected, we will discuss our findings with you and make suggestions for any improvements that need to be made. We will also provide a complimentary, no-obligation quote for any of our products or services.