For over 25 years, it’s been AquaGuard’s mission to help homeowners resolve water management issues—and resolve them permanently. To make that happen, we have to treat the symptoms and the causes of water damage in your home. Thus, we don’t just offer foundation repair—we provide a comprehensive list of products and services meant to protect your foundation from damage, including rain gutters

Being that the number one cause of foundation damage is improperly-channeled roof water due to inadequate drainage, AquaGuard offers home and business owners in North Georgia and the Atlanta area the very best, no-clog gutter system on the market. We also provide gutter installation, replacement, protection, and drainage solutions. Whether you’re looking for new gutter system installation, gutter replacement, or have questions about additional water management solutions, we’re here to help!

Call AquaGuard today to schedule your free inspection and gutter installation cost estimate. We can help walk you through the different aspects of water management and help you select the perfect combination of drainage solutions for your home. 

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The GutterShutter™ System

The GutterShutter™ system is a complete gutter system, including a seamless gutter, gutter guard, and gutter drainage. But it’s not just your average gutter system. It is completely covered and sealed with no vertical openings, mesh, or screens, making it clog-free—completely eliminating the need for cleaning. The design of this gutter protection system is perfect for Georgia’s environment, where small debris like pine needles are a top concern.

Not only that, the GutterShutter™ system is guaranteed to stay attached to your home as long as the structure exists and comes with a lifetime material and no-clog warranty. If you want to learn more about our patented GutterShutter™ system and all of its capabilities, visit our GutterShutter™ System page. 

GutterShutter™ Colors

Gutters are just as much a part of your curb appeal as they are your home’s water management system. When installing new gutters on your home, you shouldn’t be stuck with factory grey and white. At AquaGuard, we offer a wide variety of gutter colors for homeowners in the Georgia area who are looking for protection and style. For tips on the gutter color selection process, as well as our gutter color chart, visit our GutterShutter™ Colors page. 

gutter shutter colors

Gutter Installation

Without gutters, our Georgian homes would have to face thousands of pounds of pressure from the oversaturated soil surrounding our foundation. This pressure would eventually cause our foundations to bow and crack, leading structural damage and, most likely, basement flooding. 

A proper gutter installation prevents rainwater from cascading off our roofs onto the ground below. This in turn prevents expansive soil from swelling and forcing our foundation walls to bear the weight of the added pressure. A quality, professional gutter installation can also prevent other damage to your home and yard—including erosion and siding, fascia, landscaping, and roof damage. 

However, you shouldn’t risk your safety in the process of protecting your home’s foundation. Gutter installation should always be done by a professional to prevent injury, especially if you’re installing a seamless gutter system or installing gutter systems on a home with multiple stories. Not to mention, the gutter systems available for purchase by those looking to DIY are typically lower quality than the seamless systems offered by gutter system installation companies. 

If you need gutter installation for a new build or a new-to-you home, call AquaGuard today! We offer free inspections and free gutter installation cost estimates.  

aquaguard drilling the guttershutter into the side of a home

Gutter System Replacement & Gutter Installation Cost

You might be wondering about the cost of these systems and services. While the cost of new gutters will vary based on a large number of factors—like home size and gutter material—the savings of a high-quality gutter system remain the same. 

By installing a high-quality gutter system, you’ll save time and money in the following areas:

1. Gutter Replacement:

A high-quality gutter system won’t need to be replaced nearly as often as a system that is prone to rusting, clogging, or pulling away from the home. The seamless rain gutters installed by gutter installation companies are stronger and less likely to leak than gutter systems sold by large box stores. And, at AquaGuard, we install the GutterShutter™ system which comes with a gutter protection system. This gutter protection system further extends the life of your gutters.

2. Gutter Cleaning:

For the average home, it costs around $200-300 for gutter cleaning, and it’s recommended that this be done twice per year or as often as needed. If you add up the cost over the years, you’ll invest thousands of dollars into a gutter system that will require replacement sooner than a system with leaf guards. At AquaGuard, our GutterShutter™ system comes equipped with a gutter protection system that is backed by a no-clog warranty.

3. Foundation Damage:

Without a gutter system, your foundation is guaranteed to suffer from water damage over time. When heavy rain isn’t directed away from your foundation, it can lead to soil erosion washing out landscaping, hydrostatic pressure building against foundation, and leaking basement walls. The investment you make in a higher quality gutter system that properly collects and directs water away from your foundation can save you from tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

How much does it cost to install new rain gutters?

Most rain gutters are priced per linear foot, with factors like gutter material (i.g. stainless-steel and copper gutters tend to be the most expensive), color, and the number of downspouts. Our gutter installation cost page has more information on the costs and savings of gutter replacement. If you have specific questions or need a gutter installation cost quote, call AquaGuard today!

Gutter Replacement

With Georgia’s frequent downpours and tropical storms, not just any old gutter system will do the trick. Over time, without the proper protection or maintenance, gutter systems can give way to holes, separation, rust, and other concerns that prevent effective and efficient capture and channeling of water. A faulty gutter system can prove useless if water overflows, leaks, or sheets over the top of it. 

Here are a few of the common signs that gutter replacement is needed: 

  • Flooded basements and crawl spaces
  • Landscape erosion
  • Sagging gutters or gutters that are pulling away from the roof
  • Holes, cracks, and separation in the gutter system
  • Standing and stagnant water in gutters due to persistent clogs
  • Rust spots or chipping paint on gutters and downspouts

If you notice any signs that your gutter system needs replacement, call AquaGuard today. Whether you need gutters for a new home or gutter replacement, we’ve got you covered. We offer Georgia homeowners free inspections, during which we will assess your current water management system and make recommendations based on your specific needs.  

Gutter Systems Cleaning

For homes without gutter guards, or homes that use low-quality gutter protection systems, gutter cleaning is a necessity. Without regular gutter cleanings, leaves and debris build up in gutters over time, eventually making it impossible for them to collect water without overflowing. Not only that, but clogged gutters can lead to rust, pests, and mold. 

For tips on gutter cleaning, such as what to keep in mind if you’re considering DIY, visit our gutter cleaning page. If you’re ready to consider gutter cleaning alternatives, call us today! We’ll walk through the benefits of installing a gutter protection system and Georgia’s environment-specific concerns. 

Gutter Cleaning v. GutterShutter™

If you’re looking for an alternative to gutter cleaning, whether because of the cost or the hassle, AquaGuard offers the GutterShutter™ system. This complete water protection system not only repels debris, but it also properly manages and drains roof water away from the home. Our GutterShutter™ system comes with a no-clog warranty, meaning you’ll never have to think about cleaning your gutters again.

clogged gutters overflowing
guttershutter and gutter downspout

Gutter Systems Protection

While considering gutter installation and replacement, you may also want to consider gutter protection. Gutter protection systems, also referred to as gutter guards, protect your gutter system from clogs and damage. Not only does this ensure that your gutters are always functioning optimally, but it can also extend the life of your gutters.

Maintaining a clean, functional gutter system is crucial to the protection of your foundation—gutter protection exists to make maintenance easier. Gutter guards are a piece of material that attaches to the top of your gutters. They prevent unwanted debris from clogging and damaging your gutters while still allowing them to capture all roof water. 

Why is it so important to prevent clogged gutters?

When gutters become clogged or damaged, they can’t serve their primary function—collecting water as it falls from the roof and diverting it away from the home. As debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and roof grit, collects in the gutter system, its capacity to carry water decreases. Water will overflow, eventually leading to foundation damage, exterior wall and fascia damage, gutter damage, and bug and critter infestations.

At AquaGuard, we install a complete gutter system called GutterShutter™—your gutter installation will come equipped with a gutter guard device and a lifetime no-clog warranty. With no vertical openings, no mesh, and no screens, our system effectively captures water without capturing debris. Want to learn more about our GutterShutter™ system? Call AquaGuard today!

Other Gutter Services

When it comes to protecting your home against water damage, several elements come into play—your gutter system being one of them. When a high-quality system is installed and maintained correctly, it captures all of the rainwater as it falls off your roof, protecting the foundation below. However, as a stand-alone system, your gutters cannot effectively manage all the water on your property. So, your property’s water management system is made up of your gutter system, as well as your gutter drainage systems and accessories. It also includes any additional interior or exterior drainage solutions. All of these pieces come together to create a comprehensive system to protect your home and foundation from water.

At AquaGuard, we don’t just offer gutter systems and solutions. We offer all of the services and products you need to complete your home’s water management system. Gutter drainage systems, as well as other interior and exterior drainage solutions, help successfully divert water away from your home. 

Gutter Drainage Systems

Your gutter systems can help capture roof water, and your gutter protection system can prevent the troughs from clogging. However, without gutter drainage solutions, there would be no way to divert this water away from your foundation successfully. Gutter drainage systems include downspouts and any accessories needed to successfully channel to a point where the slope of the land naturally drains it away from the home. 

At AquaGuard, we offer the following gutter drainage solutions:


Downspouts take the water captured by your gutter system and displace it away from your home’s foundation. During Georgia’s intense storms, water needs to be exited from gutters as quickly as possible to prevent gutter overflow. Our gutters utilize special accessories to move water faster through the downspouts, ensuring your gutters are capable of handling increased rain volumes. 

We will complete gutter downspout installation with your GutterShutter™ system installation. If you have questions on gutter downspouts and how to better your gutter drainage solutions, call AquaGuard today to set up a free inspection! We’ll assess your current gutter drainage systems and walk through what solutions are available. 

Gutter Extensions

Downspouts drain the water that gutters capture to a point in the yard where the slope of the land can naturally drain the water away from the home. However, some homes require water to be diverted farther away from the home than others, especially in situations where landscaping or slope is a concern. In instances where a standard downspout does not provide adequate water management, downspout extensions can help homeowners better control gutter drainage. We offer two solutions for homeowners. Visit our gutter extensions page to learn more about our gutter drainage accessories and how they can improve your water management system. 

Other Drainage Solutions

Gutter systems and gutter drainage systems are essential water management elements for all homes. However, there are instances when further drainage solutions are needed to manage water and protect the foundation adequately. For example, homes that sit at the bottom of the hill may need to install additional interior and exterior drainage solutions to prevent basement flooding. 

At AquaGuard Gutter Solutions, we offer free inspections, during which we can assess the effectiveness of your entire water management system and make suggestions based on your specific needs. 

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