Why Invest in Quality Gutters?

If your gutters always overflow or leak when it rains, it’s important to invest in a quality gutter system to protect your home from water damage. Typical run-of-the-mill gutters on most homes can easily clog from leaves and other debris, causing roof water to sheet over the gutters and freefall around your home’s foundation. 

Benefits of a quality gutter system:

  • Prevents clogging from debris
  • Very low maintenance with no gutter cleaning
  • Protects your foundation from water damage
  • Helps prevent a flooded basement

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The Impacts on Your Foundation 

Not only do clogged gutters put pressure on your gutter system, but the water falling onto the ground can put pressure on your foundation over time and cause it to settle. The water saturation in the ground can cause the soils to shift and result in major foundation issues. The settling foundation can lead to bigger, more expensive issues inside and outside of your home. Prevent foundation issues from water damage by investing in a quality gutter system!

The Best Ways to Maintain Your Gutter Systems

All gutter systems need regular maintenance, but there are ways to keep this a minimal household chore:

1. Clear All Accumulated Debris Away

Pay attention to debris that begins to collect during the year. This debris can block the flow of water and invite unwanted insects and other creatures to nest in your gutters.

2. Have Any Leaks Repaired

Once all of the debris is cleared from your gutter system, it's a good idea to run a garden hose through to wash away any residue. This is also used to indicate a leak or clog in your gutter. A gutter leak can lead to serious property damage and require costly repairs.

3. Clean Twice a Year

You should be cleaning out your gutter systems at least twice a year - once near the end of spring and again in the fall when the leaves have fallen.

The GutterShutterTM System

At AquaGuard Gutter Solutions, we use the GutterShutterTM system. This patented system is covered and clog-resistant to avoid your roof water from sheeting over the edge of the gutter and freefalling onto the ground. Unlike most gutter systems, it repels debris like leaves or pine needles and uses a liquid adhesion process to capture the water and properly manage it and drain it away from your home. In order to protect your home from potential water damage, it’s important to invest in a quality gutter system from AquaGuard Gutter Solutions.