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At AquaGuard, we specialize in protecting your foundation. In order to do that, we don’t just offer foundation repair for after the damage is already done. We’re passionate about equipping homeowners with solutions that help them make proactive decisions to protect their foundation. That’s why we now offer gutter installation…

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The aquaguard technician and two residents in front of the driveway as the technician is showing them how their foundation is not level.

Press Releases

AquaGuard Adds Gutter Installation to their Service Portfolio

April 16, 2019

AquaGuard offers gutter installation services to keep Atlanta homes protected against heavy rain.

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AquaGuard Sees an Increase in Business as Georgia Faces Highest Rainfall Since 1948

March 26, 2019

Atlanta experiences a significant amount of rain, which has a negative impact on homeowners concrete – from damage to their foundations to the concrete that surrounds their home.

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AquaGuard Keeps Hundreds of Atlanta Basements Dry

January 24, 2019

AquaGuard experts and their service provide relief during record-breaking rainfall.

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GutterShutter™ System

A gutter system is essential for protecting your foundation from roof runoff during heavy rains. However, not all gutter systems are the same—many are susceptible to clogging, rendering them ineffective when they’re needed most. And clogging isn’t the only concern. Poorly designed gutter systems are prone to numerous issues, such…

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How Does GutterShutter Work?

Open gutters are susceptible to clogging from debris such as pine needles, fallen leaves, and pollen. This clogging not only means more frequent gutter cleaning, but it can also cause damage to your gutter system and foundation. The goal of gutter guards is to prevent clogging, allowing your gutters to…

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Why GutterShutter?

Are Gutter Guards Worth the Cost? Homeowners with more trees in the yard typically have to clean their gutters more often than those with fewer trees. Regardless of how often it needs to be done, it always takes time, money, and can be a dangerous task. If you choose not…

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GutterShutter™ Colors

At AquaGuard, we believe that protecting your foundation shouldn’t come at the expense of your curb appeal. That’s why we offer a large selection of gutter colors curated to blend with or complement any home’s architectural style and color scheme. Gutters increase the value of your home in more ways…

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Water Management And Your Foundation

If you want to ensure your foundation holds up against Georgia’s frequent downpours, it’s crucial to have the best gutter system and drainage solutions available. In fact, the number one reason why foundations fail is improperly channeled roof water due to inadequate drainage solutions. Drainage solutions primarily work to prevent water…

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Warranties & Guarantees

We Stand by Our Work When you work with AquaGuard, have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with the best in the industry. From our customer service, to our products, to our service installation, we hold ourselves to high standards with everything we do. We guarantee that our GutterShutterTM system…

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